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I'm an Illustrator that specialises In Decorative Illustration, Imaginative Characters, And Art That Brings Smiles To People.

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  • Joy - 2014 Christmas Card

    Here is my Christmas Card design for this year. Was great fun to create and wanted to have a limited, modern colour palette. Christmas isn’t always your standard green and red! 

    It will be available as an A6 Christmas card in the next few weeks after i’ve moved house. 

  • Stew Magazine Nov-Dec Issue

    Here’s the latest artwork for Stew Magazine, a magazine i’ve illustrated for ever since it started up nearly a year ago now! 

    I love illustrating the crafts page, it’s such a challenge. You have to inspire kids to create something exciting whilst also showing the materials and how to make it too. 

    To find out how to make snow globes and more, buy the next copy of Stew! 

  • So…

    I’m moving house in less than a week, have minor surgery in a week’s time and have three deadlines looming. 

    And i’m playing around with my brand new brush pen!!!! 
    It’s beautiful, such fun and is easy to use. 
    Will put it to use on some actual work eventually :P 

  • Designing my Christmas cards for this year - pretending I don’t have a deadline looming (ssh!)

  • Etsy Sale! 

    I’m very, very excited to be moving soon! I have lived in my one bedroom flat with my boyfriend for just over a year, but now we are moving on to a two bedroom flat which means I finally get a studio (EXCITING!) 

    No more working on the kitchen table! 

    Until 6th October, there’s a whopping 45% off all of the items on my Etsy. Grab a serious bargain while you can :) 

    All orders are hand decorated and include one of a kind envelope illustrations

    Click here!

  • Stew Magazine - Sept/Oct Issue 

    The latest issue of Stew Magazine is out including another Let’s Make Spread that I illustrated.

    I had SO much fun with this issue and drawing Halloween themes in August! I also love the babybel boats, I’d love to have a go at making one myself. 

    Stew Magazine is such a brilliant and unique children’s magazine that offers brilliant stories, news and facts.
    You can buy copies at stockists such as the Tate Modern, or you can order a subscription online

  • Adventure Awaits

    It’s been a while since i’ve created any personal work but I wanted to celebrate/embrace that it has been a whole year since graduating from University. 

    For a while, I was determined to write a blog post for new graduates about the highs and lows of the first year but I sadly don’t have time. (Too much work on - Take that as a positive sign graduates!!). 
    It may take a while for you to get work once you leave university, or it could be the complete opposite! Either way, life is unpredictable and both good and bad surprises will shape your year for the better. 

    I don’t illustrate night scenes much, so wanted to have a go at that too! 

  • I’ve been really fortunate to have been featured on not one, but two blogs in a day! 

    So if you’re looking for some procrastination on your lunch break, please have a read! 

    Space on The Bookshelf asked me questions recently as I am an illustrator for Stew Magazine. I got to talk about my favourite books growing up and what I think has made me an illustrator. Read here

    Fellow illustrator and friend Brian Hartley asked me some seriously fun questions for his new section on his website. I’m asked about UFO’s, Cats and more! Read it here

  • Postcard Giveaway

    I’m doing a very small giveaway on Twitter currently. You can win a set of postcards, just follow this  link

    Available to anyone in the entire world…who access to mail :) 

  • Havago Festival 

    On August 18th + 19th (next week), I will be running a stall with Beast! at an arts festival in Norwich. 
    We’ll be selling our work and also putting on some events for the public to participate in! 

    I decided to make illustrations inspired by Norfolk Slang Words for the occasion. So in traditional Norfolk Slang, these animals are given unusual and fun names. This was super fun and great to work on a personal project that allows me to play with colour palettes and ideas.