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I'm an Illustrator that specialises In Decorative Illustration, Imaginative Characters, And Art That Brings Smiles To People.

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  • Stew Magazine

    I’ve recently finished the next Let’s Make spread for Stew Magazine (Sept/Oct issue).

    Here are sneak peeks from the spread in which you can learn how to make spooky mummy models and boats made from babybel’s! 

  • Beast Exhibition 

    The latest exhibition with Beast! is over, however A3 prints are now available on my Etsy!

    This includes The X-files inspired illustration ‘I Want To Believe’

    and ‘Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost’ inspired by the J.R.R Tolkien quote. 

  • Hitchin

    My bestest bud from university Hayley, has recently moved to Hitchin to continue her journey in being fabulously successful and talented!
    I wanted to create something for her as a moving in present. 

  • Stew Magazine - Issue 4 

    Stew Magazine’s fourth edition arrived in the mail this morning and its the best one yet! 
    Joe Lillington’s cover illustration is stunning and its nice to see such a strong team of illustrators working for the magazine. 

    This is my second spread of Let’s Make and I love that the editor wanted, brighter, bolder colours this time! 
    I’m personally really pleased with the spread, its fun and hopefully will encourage children to get creative this summer (I want to make the volcano too!) 

    I thought i’d show the rough I sent to the magazine editor, Ali, to show a working process from start to finish! Luckily, not much changed from the beginning concept to the finished product. 

    You can buy a subscription to Stew Magazine here 

  • Wild Flower Pattern 

    I decided on Sunday to ignore the work I had to do and create something new! I’d never tried a proper floral pattern before and wanted to give it a go. I was greatly inspired by wild flowers, they are lush! 
    It’s given me a new ability in my portfolio.

  • Gracie Goose 

    Some sneak peeks from Gracie Goose and the Stolen Golden Egg, my first attempt at writing as well as illustrating a picture book. 

  • Stew Magazine 

    This is the new crafts spread for the next issue of Stew Magazine
    This time you can learn how to make a fizzy volcano, to funk up your shoes and to make a labyrinth jigsaw! 

  • Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

    Here is my second illustration for the Beast! exhibition in June based on quotes and sayings.  

    This idea came from a pretty rubbish sketch that has evolved while procrastinating! I wanted to create an Indian Princess with a sense of narrative and tried to choose patterns and colour schemes that were relevant.

    It’s been such a headache and stress, but we’re always told to push ourselves right?! 

  • I Want To Believe 

    I’ve just finished a piece for the latest Beast! collective exhibition in which we’ve all chosen quotes to illustrate. 
    I recently just watched The X Files for the first time and have become slightly obsessed, and had to illustrate a young Mulder and Scully!

    Scully is even wearing a stethoscope!

    I went seriously overboard with lots and lots and lots of tiny details in the background, hope they show when it goes to print!

  • Poshly Printed Greetings Cards!

    I’m selling work soon at a festival with illustrator collective, Beast!; and wanted to get some good quality Greetings Cards printed in time to sell. 
    Safe to say, these came out much better than I was expecting. 

    They are A5, which is pretty big for a greetings card, and the colours have printed really well!
    (You can also frame them as a cheap as chips print!)

    You can buy them here