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I'm an Illustrator that specialises In Decorative Illustration, Imaginative Characters, And Art That Brings Smiles To People.

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  • Magpie That 

    Recently I was asked by James, a children’s book blogger of Magpie That  to create a magpie in my style to add to fantastic collection! 
    So many brilliant illustrators have already contributed and I feel honoured to have been asked to take part too!

    I’ve become slightly obsessed with the hairy birds nests lately.

    I will always help with promoting children to

  • Brooches/Pins

    Since things have been picking up as an illustrator, drawing no longer feels as relaxing/enjoyable as it used to. So I decided I needed a hobby to balance out my work/non work life and so I don’t throw my pencils out of the window (again). 

    I’ve made quiet a few odds and sods now, and it’s become a really satisfying hobby. Everyone who has seen the pile increasing on my desk of felted creatures has urged that I sell them. To me, I never thought about it! I just do it for fun. 

    I’ve decided to do a lucky dip on Etsy and you only pay a fiver and you will get a surprise brooch/pin in the mail! 

    (Excuse the bambi T-shirt…You wouldn’t think I was 23 years old!) 

  • Gracie Goose - More Spec Work

    Currently working on more samples for Gracie Goose a picture book that i’m hoping to push. Here are some of Gracie’s friends after she shows them the golden egg. 

  • Seven Stories

    Well over a month ago, I went up to the north of England to visit my in laws (only just remembered to blog about it!!). Whilst there, I went to Seven Stories; a museum dedicated solely to children’s books. Not only is it a museum, but it is a child friendly museum with activities and beautiful things to see around every corner!!

    My favourite part was the area which was dedicated to the process of creating a picture book, it had so many beautiful roughs and sketches from illustrator’s sketchbooks. Really wonderful to see the working’s of others. 

    I spent about 4 hours in there just looking at everything and making the most of the atmosphere. For any picture book lover it is a must! 

  • Stew Magazine 

    The other day I received the third issue of Stew Magazine. A magazine for curious children. 
    I’ve blogged about them before as i’ve been illustrating for the magazine since the first issue back in January. 

    However, this time the editor of Stew asked for me to illustrate a different spread as an illustrator had dropped out last minute, which I couldn’t resist. It was a really fun challenge and was great to creative something quite attractive in such a short amount of time! 

    I always go on about it, but I cannot tell the world enough how brilliant Stew Magazine is. It’s a great read for children, with a perfect mix of stories, puzzles and news and it is executed beautifully.

    There are many fantastic illustrators who create amazing work, so it’s worth looking at for an artistic point of view as well.  

    I’m always very proud to be part of the Stew Family! 

  • Tough Cookie

    I can now finally announce that I am illustrating my first ever published picture book written by the talented Kate Louise  and published worldwide with Skyhorse Publishing USA . 

    It’s such exciting news and couldn’t be happier. I’m incredibly thankful for my agent Isabel, who has been so helpful and supportive of me. It’s been less than a year since I graduated from University, fingers crossed that this is just the start for a career as a children’s book illustrator! 

    The book is published worldwide from fall 2015 

  • Gracie Goose

    Speculative work about a goose who discovers a golden egg and steals it, claiming that she laid it herself.

    Tried to push myself out of my comfort zone for this spread in terms of perspective, texture and composition. Trying very hard in general to vary the look of spreads, which I find difficult sometimes!

  • Hooray!

    An illustration I sketched for fun and people on Twitter seemed to love (a lot more than I thought anyone would), So I found some time to create it.
    Thinking of popping on my Etsy as a greetings card.

  • Scout

    Anyone follow ‘Daily Doodle’ on Twitter?
    The theme today was #GirlInCostume . I instantly thought of Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird.
    I adore Scout as a character, her and Atticus and classic characters,

  • muppetcollab:

    Character: Robin as Tiny Tim

    Artistic Muppeteer: Grace Sandford