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I'm an Illustrator that specialises In Decorative Illustration, Imaginative Characters, And Art That Brings Smiles To People.

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  • Green Deer

    I’ve recently started a new hobby which is needle felting. It’s great fun and something creative to do now that illustration feels too much like work sometimes!
    My second felt creation was a deer in a green t-shirt (why not?) and I got a great suggestion about drawing him.
    I’ve had great fun creating a spread about him, for some reason I imagined him fishing.

  • The Life Aquatic

    I’m currently awaiting a few e-mails regarding work so I decided to start the next Beast Norwich exhibition work. We are all going to illustrate quotes and I chose Wes Anderson quotes as i’m a huge fan.

    His films are full of such personality and I was excited to put my own spin on The Life Aquatic!

  • New Website!

    Today, I worked my backside off and got myself into the 21st century with a brand spanking, proper website!

    If you’d like to see it properly, please visit http://www.gracesandford.com

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  • Space cats illustration has been spotted on the streets of Liverpool as part of a space themed festival. (I want to go to a space themed festival!)

  • Lawrence The Red Bear

    A warm up illustration to get this week started! Fancied experimenting with inks + bright colour.

  • Stew Magazine

    This is the second issue of brand new magazine, Stew. Stew is a kids magazine dedicated to ‘curious’ minds, with stories, articles, activities and oodles of insanely beautiful illustration! You will not find a dull, boring page inside the entire magazine.

    Ali the editor and creator of Stew approached me for the first issue and to be a continuing feature in the magazine as part of an artist’s section for the readers. I’ve created a subtle but fun art gallery to frame the children’s fantastic work without taking away from their talents!
    I’m so glad to be a part of that section as i’m a big big believer in children drawing and exercising their imaginations.

    Although it is only the second issue so far for Stew, it was received raving reviews and is being stocked in some amazing stores! It’s most definitely a project i’m proud to be a part of.

    To learn more about Stew Magazine visit the website: http://stewmagazine.co.uk/

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  • Moose and Mouse

    A few months ago I received an e-mail about an exciting project that I can finally talk about!

    Colin West is an author and Illustrator who has over 60 books under his belt including series involving characters ‘Monty The Dog Who Wears Glasses’ and ‘Moose and Mouse’.
    I grew up adoring the Monty Books, they were my favourite books! It was one of the most exciting moments when over a year ago, Colin followed me on Twitter. We’ve even met twice now (and i’d like to think of him as a friend, which 9 year old me would find mind blowing!)

    Colin e-mailed me asking me to illustrate his wonderful characters Moose and Mouse for a mug design. This was an amazing commission and was super fun as both characters have such personality! I helped order, assemble and post the mugs also to Colin’s dearest friends as they were created to celebrate his birthday.

    Working with Colin has definitely been a highlight to a fantastic start to the year already. He’s a literary legend and a lovely person!

    If you would like a Moose and Mouse mug yourself you can find them on Etsy (very limited stock!) : https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/183471440/moose-and-mouse-ceramic-mug?ref=shop_home_feat_2

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  • The Critter Shed - Creatures From Space Exhibition

    Live in Liverpool?
    There’s an exhibition on currently featuring many artists and illustrators including my Space Cats which are screen printed!
    Let me know if you go, would love to see some photos.

  • Metro Mouse

    I think it was a month ago, I got a lovely e-mail from my agent to be offering me an opportunity to illustrate a picture book. This was obviously mind blowingly amazing and I was very excited.
    I got given the script and worked closely with the author whilst quickly rummaging up these two spreads.
    Sadly it wasn’t meant to be and it fell through. The publisher loved my work however didn’t find the story marketable.
    But at least I can show you what i’ve been up to now!

    Sometimes (a lot of the time) it takes a while for these jobs to kick off properly.

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  • Field Mice

    I feel bad that I can’t post much at the moment!
    I’m at that annoying stage where i’m working on lots of great things, but can’t really show any of it!!
    For now here’s a snippet for a colouring book I’m going to be pitching with my agent soon.